Louis de Beaumont

Around The World In 80 Plays

I was invited to share a song for the Bert Jansch Foundation's event Around The World In 80 Plays. You can see what I wrote for the event and the piece I shared here.

I looked after their 'Jonny' guitar for a month or two, and hosted a number of musicians and friends to also play, who are:

Gabriel Kazz
Dariush Kanani
Ben Murphie

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man's Mad Dog

soundcloud link

Recorded at home on Monday 11th February 2019.
Sitting 1 consists of 4 original pieces: White Horses, Like A Dog, The Second Hand, and Summertime.
Sitting 2 consists of 2 improvisations.

I didn't particularly enjoy trying to get 'perfect' takes of each song. Each Sitting is a continuous take. At the time of recording I was yearning for expressive freedom and to get some higher quality recordings of my songs. The yearning partly accounts for the content in between songs.

Sitting 2 was recorded half an hour after Sitting 1.

This album felt too personal to publicly release. If you have found it here, you have found the only public link I have put to this album.

Live at The Green Note

Recorded at The Green Note in Camden Town at the open mic on Tuesday 23rd October 2018, by Jo Griggs.
I spent the whole day beforehand trying to get an 'album worthy' take of Bird Song.